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Filippinerne forbyder engangsplast på regeringskontorer


Siden 26. februar 2020. Den filippinske regering har forbudt brugen af ​​engangsplastprodukter i offentlige agenturer og kontorer, herunder plastposer,plastsugerør,plastskeer ogplastgafler.

The prohibition order was issued by the Philippines Ministry of Environment ogNatural Resources in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of the Environment ogNatural Resources ogChairman of the Solid Waste Management Committee Roy Cimatu. Specifically, various plast products such as water cups, sugerør,coffee spoons with a thickness not exceeding 0.2 mm, ogplast bags with a thickness of less than 15 microns will not be allowed to be used in government offices ogagencies.

Roy Cimatu said the ban was aimed at restricting the use of single-use plast products. It is believed to be the main cause of pollution of rivers ogoceans, the survival of many marine animals ogthe increase in the amount of solid waste in the Philippines. The above prohibition order is part of the Philippine government's strategy to avoid ogreduce the amount of solid waste.

According to data released by the United Nations, 100 million plast bags are consumed globally each year, ogapproximately 8 million tons of garbage are discharged into the ocean every year. Plastic waste pollution has become a serious threat to marine ecosystems. Scientists warn that plast debris will produce plast particles after decay, which will enter the human body through water sources ogfood chains ogcause unpredictable effects. 

(Kilde: Yuetong News Agency-VNA)

Because of the bans single-use plasts. The ikke-vævet stofpose, papirpose, biodegradable bag will be good replacement of single-use plast bags. CPLA engangsbestik ogpapirstrå/ bambus halmstrå kan bruges til engangsbrug. Selvom det er en forordning tilgovernment agencies ogoffices. But we need to consider the meaning behind the regulations ogadopt grøn emballageså meget som muligt for at beskytte vores miljø.